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- Oil Change

- Brake Service

- Engine performance


-Cooling Service

-Tune ups 

- Battery




- Steering



- Electrical 

- Cooling 

- Engine performance 

- Brakes

- A/C

- Suspension and Steering

- Emissions



- Courtesy checks

- Pre- purchase inspection

- Vehicle Inspection 

- Brake check

Come and see us, we strive on making the best in hour hands to repair your car and giving you the best customer service. From our family to yours we work with all honesty to repair the needs of you vehicle.

Mechanic Handing Keys
Cleaning Car Window

Auto Detailing Services

We provide professional detailing services for all types of vehicles. We have many different services to get your car looking clean and detailed. We do luxurious detailing and offer high-quality service to our customers. Give us a chance to see for yourself. Contact us today and experience the difference!

Full Interior and Exterior

Interior consists of a full inside cleaning of the vehicle including floors, seats, doors, windows, etc. Anything inside the vehicle is cleaned. The exterior consists of hand wash exterior washing and cleaning of your vehicle. The exterior of the vehicle including the tires are cleaned and shined. 

Carpet Cleaning and Eliminating Odor

We do a detailed carpet cleaning to remove any stains, dirt, and allergens from your carpets. With our carpet cleaning your vehicle carpets will look clean and smooth. 

Steam Cleaning

We eliminate mites and bacteria that can be inside your vehicle. By performing an in-depth cleaning with steam we can eliminate any disease and bacteria that has gone into your vehicle.

Headlight Restoration

Your dull headlights turned into new bright shiny ones. Over time your vehicle headlights can become dull and lose their shine we make sure to restore their shine and bring back your bright headlights. 

Paint Restoration

With paint restoration, we bring back the color of your vehicle. By reviving your original paint we polish and shine your vehicle so that your car looks bring and new again. 

Ceramic Coating

With ceramic coating, we maximum protect your vehicle's paint with ceramic technology. We can make sure that your vehicle's paint stays bring and shiny with a ceramic coating that can protect your vehicle. 

What Our Clients Say

Screenshot 2023-06-14 at 4.41.59 PM.png
"I’ve used Franky’s multiple times now for detailing my cars and they do an amazing job getting things looking fresh and new again. With two small kids who like to track mud and dirt and everything else into the cars, it’s hard to keep things clean but Gabriel and his crew are amazing. Prompt, professional, easy to work with, I’ll always bring my cars here for their immaculate attention!!! Thank you Gabriel!"

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